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MEES Elementary School

In September 2021, MEES International School expanded with the elementary school program. MEES elementary school is an innovative independent school with its focus on project-based learning (PBL), 

PBL is a student-centered pedagogical approach that is dynamic and provides opportunities for students to acquire a more in-depth knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges. PBL is a style of active inquiry-based learning, and as such, students learn about subjects by working for an extended period to investigate and respond to complex questions and multilayered problems.

At MEES we believe in a customized learning experience for all students.

We recommend scheduling a school tour to better understand MEES unique educational philosophy.

Creative Freedom

400 square meters large open spaces
Makerspace learning, workshop and gym studio

Located in Central Tokyo
5 mins walk from Hakusan station, 15 mins from Hon-Komagome
Easy access by a car and bicycle 


Elementary fees - School year 2024-2025

Application fee (one time)¥20,000
Enrollment fee (one time)¥180,000
Material Fee (annually)¥40,000
School Growth Fund (annually)¥50,000

Elementary School

1st term (Sep-Dec)2nd term (Jan-Mar)3rd term (Apr-Jul)Annually
Full day Program
(8:30 to 15:00)
Bus Service - both ways

Afternoon Programs

1x per week2x per week3x per week4x per week5x per week
Afternoon Immersion Program
(14:00 to 18:00) -monthly fees
Afternoon English Intensive Course*
(15:00 to 16:00) -monthly fees

-Paid fees are non refundable
-Tuition and bus fees are excluded tax (10%)
-For bus service fees please contact the school administration
-Smaller one time fees may be asked (ex. Excursions)
-Lunch is included with tuition fees
-Prices are subject to change without giving prior notice

*Afternoon English Intensive Course can be required depending on English level. Available for students enrolled into the Elementary school only.

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