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MEES Saturday Program Sendagi

Please contact the school through our website or by phone if you would like to schedule a free trial lesson. After the trial we will explain more about the Saturday classes system and we are happy to answer your questions. 

We offer classes from 0 years old to Elementary 4th grade. The classes are scheduled as followed:

Kindergarten Saturday School - time: 9:00 to 12:00

This program is a 3 hours Kindergarten program for children 3 to 6 years old. The program is in line with our regular kindergarten program during the week which is inspired by the Montessori method. When coming for a trial you will receive the MEES Syllabus in which the schools' philosophy is explained. 

Elementary Saturday Program (1st grade to 4th grade) - time: 14:00 to 16:00 

The Elementary Program is a 2 hours program for children 6 to 10 years old. The program is focused on conversation through topic based activities and games. Also reading and some writing activities will be covered with the aim to make it fun and enjoyable. 

Mommy & Me - time: 16:00 to 17:00 

The M&M class is an hour lesson for children 0 to 3 years old (before Kindergarten age).

It’s an active and fun lesson full with song, dance, story time, exercise, etc. With getting a shower of native English, we build up the listening skill for native pronunciation. Children starting from this age will built up a native pronunciation of English. There is a snack time in which the teachers continue to use natural English and the children can refresh. 

Tuition Fees: 

Kindergarten Saturday Program

-¥22,500 p/m 

-¥20,000 enrollment fee

Elementary Saturday Program 

-¥17,800 p/m

-¥20,000 enrollment fee

Mommy and Me Mommy and Me

-¥7,600 p/m

-No enrollment fee

MEES Saturday Program Trial Request

Thanks for your interest in MEES!