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About Euft van den Berg, founder 

Euft was born and raised by the Montessori method, and is a true Montessori product. Growing up in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, he joined the Montessori Kindergarten and followed Montessori education all the way up through Montessori High School (Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam). Growing up in a single-parent family with his mother teaching at an elementary school, Euft has always had teaching and education as a part of his life.

Since moving to Japan thirteen years ago, he has worked at different schools, including 2 years as Principal at Joy to the World American International School. He has also been running a successful English school for the past eight years.

He started his own kindergarten because of his strong belief that, with the latest developments in technology, a different approach is needed. With his background he understands more than most anybody the key values of Montessori. He believes that Dr. Maria Montessori would have approved of adding to the Montessori system with the current researches and resources available.