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MEES Sendagi location offers 3 kind of afternoon programs, depending on age.

  • Afterschool Kindergarten (3 years to 6 years old)  2 hour lessons for kindergarten age children. Once or twice a week.
  • Eikaiwa Lessons  (M&M and Elementary classes)  60 minutes lessons. M&M is for 0 years to 3 years old, Elementary is for 6 to 12 years old.
  • Afterschool day care (1 year to 6 years old) This program is available 5 days a week from 14:00 to 18:30, can choose freely how many hours, with a minimum of two hours a week.


Kindergarten (age 3 - 6)

Afterschool Kindergarten lesson is lively and fun with songs, exercises and games, without the use of tables. Children can learn useful phrases and vocabulary with a variety of monthly topics. By listening to native English teachers speaking a lot, the children build up listening and speaking skills. For reading, we start practicing with short words using cards and games. For writing, we offer homework which you can do at home with listening to CDs, the teacher check their homework every week in class.

EIKAIWA LESSON(60 minutes)

Mommy and Me (age 0 - 3 with parent)

It’s an active and fun lesson full with song, dance, story time, exercise, etc. With getting a shower of native English, we build up the listening skill for native pronunciation. Children starting from this age will built up a native pronunciation of English. There is a snack time in which the teachers continue to use natural English and the children can refresh. 

Elementary (age 6 - 12)

With games, conversation and monthly topics, which suit on their age, we have an active and fun lesson. We build up listening and speaking skills, with the focus on speaking, we practice Questions and Answers and use free conversations, example: what you did in the weekend?, what did you do at school?, etc. We offer homework based on the students level. Teachers check it every week. Students can borrow a short story book every week which helps the students to improve their reading skill.


This is a day care service for children in the age of 1 year to 6 years old. Afterschool daycare members will join the MEES Nursery Program children and they can play freely. The teacher take care of the children, set up changing activities and join in with the play, using English as the medium of instruction.

To enroll we need a minimum of 2 hours per week pre-set. Furthermore you can add flexible hours using tickets. 


Afterschool Kindergarten

  • Enrollment fee ¥10,000
  • Once a week ¥15,000 per/month
  • Twice a week ¥ 25,000 per/month
  • Sibling discount available 

Eikaiwa Lesson

  • No enrollment fee 
  • ¥7,600 per/month 
  • Sibling discount available 

Afterschool Daycare

  • Enrollment fee ¥20,000
  • ¥800 per hour

MEES International School

Sendagi MEES International School

Bunkyo-ku, Sendagi 3-23-6
Tel: 03-4400 9963


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